My Tribute to NHS Staff who died from CoronaVirus

Once we pass this phase and overcome the Virus Pandemic, how do you think history will judge every single nuclear country? What will the historians write about how these countries responded to COVID-19 Pandemic and how they protected their people? Well, it’s scandalous isn’t it? None of these countries had enough ventilators for patients and Personal protective equipment for front line staff.

Not enough kits to test everyone for COVID-19 symptoms. Our Governments put their heads in the sand ignoring all medical and scientific advice to tackle COVID-19 pandemic in a timely manner. After a decade of cuts and brunts that our NHS has been taking for several years up and down the country, we are looking towards it as our only hope, despite all the underfunding, lack of resources and shortage of staff and number of beds in NHS hospitals.

Our Government has been begging retired NHS staff to re-join and help the NHS at this time of crisis but it is heartbreaking to see so many of these heroes losing their lives protecting others. Their lives simply could have been saved but our government decided not to. It’s like sending someone to the battlefield without any weapons!

The risks taken daily by the armies of British doctors, nurses and healthcare workers treating coronavirus patients have been starkly illustrated by a growing number of deaths.

Several NHS workers have already lost their lives after contracting the disease from patients and that number is likely to soar. This situation can not and must not be allowed to continue and we must demand our Government to test all NHS frontline staff for COVID-19 and provide them Personal protective equipment.

These are the brave heroes history will always remember. These heroes sacrificed their lives, majority of them are immigrants. They are of different race, religion, colour and ethnicity.  These are the people who are the real face of this multicultural country I proudly call home and I want to pay my tribute to them..

I want to thank all our NHS staff for their selfless fight against CoronaVirus. To protect our NHS and save lives we must stay at home until the virus loses its strength. One thing, that is more evident now. and I want to give a message to all xenophobes, immigrants are the backbone of this country. They have always risen to occasion whenever needed. And those who have evil eyes on the NHS, hands off!. We simply can’t afford to let it go when the trade deal with the US is on table. We must protect it at every cost.

Please Stay home, Save Lives Save NHS!

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